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Gold Plating Services

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Gold Plating Services

TWR Service Corporation's 24K gold plating process produces a hard, abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant coating. Gold plating has a bright mirror finish which can be used for both decorative gold plating and electronic gold plating applications where a hard deposit is required.

Gold plating is valued for its physical properties in connector applications and the ability to resist corrosion and oxides forming on the surface, which could prevent conductivity in other applications. Gold plating provides good wear and contact resistance in low-pressure applications. Corrosion protection and excellent conductivity are two more added benefits of gold plating. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and is not affected by air and most reagents. Heat, moisture, oxygen, and most corrosive agents have very little chemical effect on gold, making it well-suited for use in a variety of industries.

Gold Plating Spec Sheet

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Gold Plating Services Capabilities

Specification ASTM B488
Copper Alloys
Leaded and Non-leaded Steel
Stainless Steel
Tool Steel
Plating Type Hard Acid Gold
Type I (Grade B,C)
Type II (Grade B,C,D)
Plating Thickness 0.000001 to 0.0002 Inch
Purity 24k
Applications Electrical connectors
Electrical interconnects
Marine Applications
Quality Assurance Mil-C-45662
Mil-I-45208 with the inspection schedules in accordance with Mil Std.105
Order Quantity From single-quantity/prototype to production orders
Typical Lead Time 3 Working Days ARO Standard
Expedited Same Day Service (On Request)

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