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Why TWR Service

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TWR is a high tech plating facility specializing in Electroless Nickel and precious metal platings. We started as a family business in 1969 and we continue that tradition today. As a small and efficient operation we have the flexibility to meet demanding delivery sch edules and also to tackle tougher plating projects while still providing a high quality finish.

Our onsite chemist makes sure that we remain one of the leaders in quality. As an early adopter of Electroless Nickel Coatings, our years of experience have made us experts in Electroless Nickel Plating. Our team from top to bottom has an average of 20 years experience with our company. We have several team members who have over 25 years with our team.

At TWR we are on the cutting edge of environmental conservation. Our "Zero Discharge Facility" has very strict controls on our water usage. As the name implies we do not discharge any process waters to the sewer systems. All our process waters are treated in house and evaporated. We have an automated system that controls our usage and evaporation. The remaining waste is than shipped out to a treatment facility. This significantly reduces our impact on the environment.

We are committed to the highest quality standards, a clean environmentally friendly facility, and to providing the best customer service in the industry.

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